Machining Innovation

Machining Innovation at RIFF, Inc.We offer a variety of vertical machining and surface grinding services in addition to micro drilling. Please see our facilities list for a more complete overview of our capabilities.

Vertical Machining

  • Capacity: 78" X travel, 31" Y travel, 31" Z travel
  • 25 horsepower, 32-tool capacity tool changer
  • Accuracy to .0003"
  • Laser calibrated yearly
  • Typical applications: specialized machine builders (table tops), progressive die sets, jig boring, bolster plates and rails

Surface Grinding

  • Capacity: 12" x 24" with automatic incremental downfeed

Machining Examples

In addition to micro drilling, RIFF excels at a variety of in-house machining services.

RIFF Machining ExamplesSteel die blocksRIFF Machining Examples30" stainless steel ring with 10" bores and o-ring gravesRIFF Machining Examples4" x 26" x 37" steel bolster plate

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