Micro Drilling

Micro Drilling

All drilling, as well as inspection, is performed under climate-controlled conditions. A two-step review process takes place before any manufacturing begins. Our services include:

  • micro drilling down to .0015" diameter.
  • drilling of a wide range of materials, including machinable ceramics (Macor® and Photoveel®), copper, brass, plastics, engineering grade plastics (such as Torlon®, Vespel® and Peek), ceramic-filled plastics, Delryn®, Lexan, Polyimides, Nylon, medical grade stainless and more.
  • the use of a unique process developed by our company to ensure burr-free parts.

Many of our customers have found themselves facing shorter and shorter development timeframes. We respond to their need for quick turnarounds by

  • using state-of-the-art equipment for greater speed.
  • directly importing drilling hole files, via email or disk, from the customers' computers to our machines. We can accept DXF, AutoCad, SolidWorks, IGIS, PDF, XLS and more. Contact us for specific file types.

RIFF Company, Inc. is at the forefront of micro drilling innovation. 100% of the holes we drill are checked for both location and diameter.

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